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Best lotion for menopausal dry skin (Tallow Balm)

Are you experiencing dry skin during menopause? You're not alone. Many women find their skin changes significantly during this hormonal transition. But don't despair! We are delighted to offer a natural solution that actually works to help you regain your skin's moisture and radiance.

Understanding Menopausal Dry Skin

Menopause causes a decline in estrogen and progesterone production, leading to drier, less plump skin. Estrogen plays a crucial role in promoting sebum production (your skin's natural oil) and water retention. Without them, your skin loses a lot of its natural ability to stay hydrated.

The Power of Tallow Balm

Our tallow balm offers a unique solution for menopausal dry skin. Here's why:

  • Similar Fat Profile: Tallow, derived from grass-fed cows, closely resembles your skin's natural fat profile. This allows for quick absorption and long-lasting hydration.

  • 100% Natural: Noaic Balm is free from chemicals and artificial ingredients, making it gentle on your skin. Especially our unscented version. Our other tallow products only use CPTG® pure essential oils for scent and therapeutic value. 

  • Positive Customer Experiences: Customers like Nancy that we share about in the video above have found Noaic Balm to be a game-changer for their dry, menopausal skin.

How Marj from New Mexico found relief from dry skin

“I used tallow balm for dry skin and saw results immediately. I have used a lot of natural moisturizing products and the one complaint that I have is that they leave my skin oily. Tallow does not leave my skin oily like other coconut oil or shea butter based products do. It absorbs quickly into the skin and creates a long lasting protective sheath.

I live in arid New Mexico and my hands and legs especially need extra moisturizing on a daily basis. My legs stay smooth and moisturized with generous application. I do wash my hands a lot, so re-application is necessary. The biggest change I have seen is that the very rough skin on my heels and big toes is a thing of the past. The skin is much smoother and stays that way.” 

Applying Noaic Balm for Optimal Results

To experience the benefits of Noaic Balm, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start small: Take a quarter to a half teaspoon of balm and warm it gently between your hands.

  2. Apply to affected areas: Gently massage the balm onto your face, neck, chest, hands, or any other area experiencing dryness.

  3. Enjoy the results: Be amazed at how soft and hydrated your skin feels!

See our tallow options here

And let us know if you have any questions! 

-Grace & Ben 


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