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About Our Business

Most of us have something about our skin we don't like. A struggle against dryness, acne, or even eczema. So we brought back what our ancestors knew worked: A healing balm of grass-fed tallow. Our nutrient-dense tallow will end the struggle so you can have skin you love.*

We are Ben & Grace. We are a small company (Noaic Balm LLC) and proudly bootstrapped, meaning we don't take any outside capital or funding. We put the customer first and provide them with products that actually solve their problems. We do business the old-fashioned way by producing our products in small batches and with genuine care for our customer.  

We can't wait to hear how tallow has helped you. After you've used our tallow for a bit, send us an email ( and share your story. You're going to love your skin. 

-Ben & Grace

Lancaster County, PA

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