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Struggling with dry skin?

Do your hands crack and bleed? Does your skin sting or burn? Have you tried everything you could to soothe your skin but nothing seems to work? Nothing seems to penetrate deep into your skin and truly heal it? We’re so sorry to hear you’ve struggled to find relief. But we’re glad you’re here. For countless people, tallow is the one product that finally worked for them.

Vanillia tallow balm for dry skin.

Deep restoration*

Tallow penetrates deep into your skin and not only supplies fatty acids like CLA, oleic acid, and palmitic acid but also contains vitamins A, D, E, and K in small amounts to nourish your problem areas. 



Works fast

Because of the unique composition of tallow, it absorbs quickly into your skin. This leaves your skin soft and smooth without feeling greasy. 



Lasting hydration

We often hear from people that after applying tallow, their skin retains moisture and looks and feels hydrated throughout the day.



River through desert.

Tallow will deeply soothe your skin

We understand how uncomfortable it can be to live with dry skin.
Let Noaic Balm soothe and restore moisture to all your problem areas. 

Derrick from PA

"I have struggled with severely dried and cracked skin on my fingers for the past few years. Tallow has been the most effective remedy I have found to help with healing. It heals cracked skin without stinging or burning when applied, and it restores moisture as well. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who struggles with dry skin."

How to restore your dry, cracked skin*


Buy tallow

Choose between a few different scents of our tallow balm or if you have sensitive skin, try our unscented option.


Apply to area of concern

For best results, apply a few times per day - especially if your skin has deep cracks and bleeds.


Love your new, soft skin

Not only will your skin look great and feel healthy, but you'll feel even better knowing you restored your dry skin with a 100% natural product.*

Happy girl who used tallow for dry skin.

If you struggle with dry skin, you’re not alone.

Many people deal with skin so dry they experience deep cracks and bleeding. Dry skin is uncomfortable and finding something that actually works is difficult. We’ve heard many people share how plant-based creams or over-the-counter creams never seemed to penetrate deep enough into their skin to heal it. And they’ve spent wheelbarrows of cash trying to find something to soothe their skin and truly heal their cracks.


For many who have shared their story, tallow balm is the one thing that worked. People have shared countless stories of how they felt tallow was reaching layers of skin that other products just couldn’t reach. This may be due to the fat structure of the tallow. But not only does our grass-fed tallow supply fatty acids like CLA, oleic acid, and palmitic acid, but also contains vitamins A, D, K, and E in small amounts to deeply nourish your problem areas.


Many people see their dry skin yield to the nutrition found in the tallow in just a few days with most seeing massive improvement in only two weeks.


We recommend applying tallow morning and night for mild cases of dry skin. But if your skin has deep cracks and is bleeding, apply multiple times throughout the day.


Soon you’ll have soft, smooth skin that is firm and retains its moisture. We can’t wait to hear your story. Give tallow a try then email us and let us know the difference it made for you. You’re going to love your new skin. 

Not at all. In fact, tallow is actually used to reduce acne and speed healing time. 

Will using tallow give me acne?

Absolutely, tallow is perfect for those with sensitive skin. And if you have very sensitive skin, consider using the unscented version of our tallow balm.    

Is tallow safe for sensitive skin?


Father who used tallow for dry skin.

Tallow for Dry Skin

100% natural, grass-fed tallow balm for baby soft skin.

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